A late February visit to Friesland
"They are all like big walking hearts to me." (- said Mirjana about the horses.)
Where should I start? The memory of their sweetness and graciousness still visits me as a warm feeling of genuine happiness and joy, something like we would or should have felt as little children, now completed with deep emotional reactions of an adult.
"I turn into a five-year-old when I see a horse." was one of the first things I told Sabien, the lady who offered to pick me up from the train station and even provide accommodation. We knew each other via social media and the Friesian Horse calendar, a project of hers with one of the best equine photographers from the Netherlands, Laura Dijkslag, made to support cancer research. Sabien is closely involved with Friesian horses as a judge and owns two PRE horses.

Anyway...The names are less important in this story, since the hearts outshone them.
There is something special about horses only the people around them know. Most of us are not aware of it.

In late November 2022 there was a post about a workshop in Friesland, with two PRE horses, and a palomino Shetland pony, scheduled for late February. I instantly knew I had to be there, without analyzing why.

And so I went. It had already become a year full of travel and memorable moments, new experiences and wonderful people, so I was calm and feeling as if it was just another trip to a nearby town.
And so it was, in a way...
The plane and the train, leaving from Shiphol, the Amsterdam airport, felt like an easy and fast ride. Me, in love with the road and almost any kind of transport - thrilled to observe the Netherlands anticipating the arrival to Friesland, the land of the dark horse. (Here goes another story about the YouTube channel "Friesian Horses - Follow the Herd, the initial inspiration for so many people including me, that somehow ended up connecting me with Friesland, but that is for another journal entry.)

As soon as I stepped on the ground in Heerenveen and managed to get out of the train station (not to mention getting on a completely wrong train going to the other side of the country!) the experience started becoming the greatest gift for me and a completely positively overwhelming experience.

Sabien took me to the stable where her precious light gray Ceylan and Preferido were living, the "two elves" as I call them, a stable full of Friesians, a few other horses and
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Namještaj treba biti harmonično i ujednačeno složen, bez nepotrebnih elemenata koji vizualno smanjuju kvalitetu prikaza prostora.
Dekoracija je dobrodošla, ali treba biti umjerena ili minimalna, skladno raspoređena. Također, dekoracija bi trebala imati namjenu, pa tako fotografija kuhinje u turističkom apartmanu može imati doručak, cijeđeni sok ili salatu živih boja na stolu, a dnevna soba čaše vina, voće i slično. Sve bi trebalo pričati priču tog prostora i uklapati se u njegove boje i ambijent.
Sve tkanine – zavjese, posteljina, stolnjaci, i drugo bi trebali biti ispravljeni i izglačani.
Kako neke snimke radimo sa upaljeni svjetlima, provjerite da li se sva mogu upaliti.
Tijekom razgovora o fotografiranju, odgovorit ćemo Vam na sva pitanja i pomoći da što lakše pripremite prostor.
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